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Impact X Venture Studio

The Impact X Venture Studio is a corporate backed initiative focused on diverse founders building high growth tech startups looking to address the worlds sustainability challenges. The Impact X Venture Studio is a new initiative that concentrates on building startups in the growth areas where we know capital is searching for solutions.Recruiting from a pool of diverse founders ensuring that we build innovative companies that can leverage the widest and most diverse talent pool from day one. These startups will be built or accelerated through our unique partnerships with our corporate partner Microsoft and our industry collaboration with Spring Innovation

"To deliver real progress against our biggest societal challenges we need innovative solutions, a diversity of ideas, and equal access to entrepreneurial opportunity that can turn ideas into action.”

Musidora Jorgensen
Chief Sustainability Officer, Microsoft
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We have learnt from our experience that the one area start-ups struggle with is their go to market approach and customer traction as well as setting up a sales structure. The Venture Studio starts with customers needs’ first. We are working with the UK Water Industry to understand their biggest challenges and then building or accelerating the companies that can address those business challenges and deliver sustainable outcomes for the industry.  The Venture Studio will accelerate the innovation in the water industry (and beyond) whilst in parallel building sustainable , revenue generating start-ups . Our venture studio is dedicated to providing start-ups with the resources they need to accelerate their growth, generate revenue, and deliver meaningful impact. Through targeted mentorship, strategic investment, and access to a network of industry experts, we aim to help our portfolio companies achieve their goals and make a positive difference in the water industry and beyond.

Our team

Eri Collins

“A venture builder like the one we are creating with Microsoft can short-circuit the long arduous process in getting initial contracts in place.”

Eric Collins

“It’s been a real privilege leading Microsoft, Impact X and Spring Innovation to help drive innovation in the water industry, and diversity in the start-up community.”

Jimmy Cockerton

“Spring is excited to be representing the UK and Ireland water sector in this exciting collaboration with Microsoft Venture and Impact X”

Carly Jane Perry
Managing Director
Lene Van der Borght
Microsoft Lead
Ezechi Britton, MBE
Olu Omoniyi
Entrepreneur in Residence

The process

The venture studio team have worked hard to make the recruitment process as accessible and inclusive as possible. We are looking to take three successful companies into the venture studio who will all join us at the water innovation festival, a week long innovation event providing unparalleled access to industry experts and operators. Leading up to the innovation festival we will host two pitch events to help us discover all three studio companies. The deadline for applications is the 23rd of June.

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26th June

Application screening

Initial screening process

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28th June & 30th June

Pitch days

Mixture of virtual and in person pitch days held on 26th and 28th of June *respectively, to review up to 22 solutions.

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3rd July

Agree winners

Final list of 3 solutions to be taken forward to the innovation week.

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10 - 13 July

Innovation week

A years work in a week at the Water innovation Festival with unrivalled access to industry experts.


Better results

Better results with the studio approach compared to traditional startups.

3 Years

Faster route to market

On average, studio startups reach Series A & Exit three years faster.


Boost funding success

4.4x higher chance for seed funding compared to non-venture studio-backed startups.

Help us build systems which can create lasting change in the water industry and beyond